View Full Version : AC compressor compatability

July 18th, 2012, 09:38
I'm looking at having to replace the ac compressor on my girlfriends 93 4.0L XJ. Now of course the 93 in its stock configuration is a R 12 system. Her Jeep appears to have been converted at some point to 134a (adapter fitting on the low pressure port).

My question is, will a slightly later model ac compressor and accumulator made for a 134a system like for a 95 XJ, mate up (hose fittings)? Why? Well, my local NAPA has the stock 93 compressor for $332 and for a 95 its $253 (both reman). Plus its hard to find 12 anymore... So I'm wanting to swap it over. And I already have a larger 134 condenser sitting in my garage that was going to go onto my old Jeep that can go into hers to maintain AC efficiency.