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February 22nd, 2012, 21:44
SierraFest is an official NAXJA event and therefore the following rules apply as outlined in the by-laws:

Article IX – Sponsored Events and Trips
Section 1: Definition
a. A Sponsored event is by definition an event in which NAXJA formally recognizes the Event as a NAXJA Event, and the Event is attended by at least one Director. Chapter Events must meet the same criteria. Formal recognition of an Event will be established by Board of Director voting procedures, and subsequent publication on the NAXJA website.

Section 2: Event Regulations
a. Each Event shall have an assigned Trail Master. The Trail Master shall lead the Event always with safety in mind. The Trail Master shall have ultimate decision-making authority for all Event decisions, unless a higher-ranking Director is present at the Event, in which case that Director has unilateral decision-making authority. All event Attendees shall follow Trail Master/Director instructions at all times.
b. An Event shall consist of only the off-road trail rides or other specifically designated activities. The Event begins at the time of the pre-run Driver’s Meeting or functional equivalent, and ends when the group returns to a designated point. For multi-day events, this means that the Corporation will not organize or coordinate camping or other activities, except as a service to the Members. The Event itself is limited to the organized trail rides.
c. If no Chapter or National Director attends a scheduled Event, that event is automatically cancelled as a formal Event sanctioned by the Corporation. Any further activity by Members or others shall not be affiliated with the Corporation.
d. Each Attendee is ultimately responsible for his or her own safety. Safety concerns shall be brought up to the Trail Master or an attending Director immediately.
e. Should the Trail Master or any attending Director determine that any Guest or member is posing a risk to safety, or simply to the enjoyment of the Event itself, that Guest or member may be asked to leave via escort provided it is deemed safe to do so by the attending ranking Director and/or Trail Master.
f. All participants shall be defined as an Attendee, either Member or Guest. At no time will any other vehicle be allowed to join any Event. The Trail Master and/or attending Director shall enforce this policy without exception.
g. Attendees shall notify the Trail Master or an attending Director prior to leaving the group for any reason. While NAXJA Directors cannot physically restrain any Attendee to prevent them from leaving, a safety assessment shall be made prior to approving any such action.
h. Attendees shall adhere to Tread Lightly principles at all times. This includes the environment and also the Attendee’s vehicle. Attendees shall not put their vehicles at undue risk of damage that would potentially delay the progress of an Event. The Trail Master and/or attending Directors shall monitor Tread Lightly principles, and failure to comply may result in an Attendee being dismissed from an Event.
i. Alcoholic beverages and other controlled substances are prohibited while driving on or off-road. This includes consumption prior to an Event. Failure to comply will result in dismissal from the Event and shall constitute grounds for termination of Membership.
j. Attendees bringing pets shall control them at all times.
k. Attendees shall exercise discretion in the use of vulgar, profane, and/or potentially offensive language during the course of all Events. In the event of a complaint regarding language, the determination of the Trail Master or attending Director shall be final and binding, and shall be rendered impartially.

Section 3: Required Equipment for Event Participation
a. NAXJA VERY HIGHLY recommends that all event participants have a CB Radio.
b. NAXJA requires all listed items to be present, and available for use, for a vehicle to be permitted to participate in a event. Participants are expected to stow equipment and all other items within their vehicle in a safe manner, conscious of the effects of OHV use and possible shifting of items.
c. NAXJA Safety Inspectors will use this list for safety inspections prior to any event. The Safety Inspector has final say in approval or rejection of any vehicle for event participation and may at anytime defer to a second event or club officer for additional ruling.
d. NAXJA expects each event participant to carry insurance and registration sufficient to meet the legal requirements of their vehicle state of residence and for the roads and trails traveled for the event. NAXJA is not responsible for assuring an entrant's vehicle is legal for the roads and trails traveled in the event.

Equipment List

a. Visibly charged fire extinguisher (BC or ABC)
b. First aid kit
c. Adequate spare tire, jack and lug wrench
d. Safety belts for driver and any current passenger
e. Adequate attachment points in the front and rear of the vehicle:
1. Acceptable forms of attachment points: (All Items must be mounted in a manner to provide adequate strength and integrity)
2. Tow hooks of OEM or greater integrity
3. D-Rings
4. Shackle/Clevis
f. 20ft 10,000lb snatch strap without any metal hooks
g. Secured battery (no bungee cords)