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suzuki squid
February 4th, 2012, 17:49
96 Cherokee
4.5in RC full leaf pack lift.
1 1/4" TC drop pucks (included in lift kit from rough country)
231 TC
newer used rear drive shaft,
currently no 4 wheel drive front axle.
Constant vibration most felt in the floor/body of the jeep.
Hardly any vibration felt at all through the shifter stick.
This is a project jeep, when i first bought it, it was a 2 wheel drive auto.
Swapped in an BA-10 transmission and tc out of my old 88 cherokee. Never had any issues until i installed the ax-15 and newer 23 splined 231 tc and new transmission mount.
It could be my bad rotors/brakes, but like i said. The vibration occured after installing ax-15/231
Today we replaced my old rear driveshaft with a rear driveshaft out of a manual 96 cherokee, to see if my old driveshaft out of the 88 had maybe come unbalanced. Very minimal effect to the vibration. The vibration is felt constantly throughout the floor/body of the jeep, but it seems to be stronger in the front floor pans of the jeep, but you put your hand on the floor up around the middle bulge of the floor (up around/in front of shifter hole) it is strong. If you feel the floor behind the seats, its way less. The vibration starts to occur around 8-10mph and just ramps up the faster you drive, (very similar to the sound of a bad wheel bearing) roaring/humming noise, with lots of vibration in body/floor of jeep.

Today while driving down a back country road, testing some things, i took the jeep up to 75-80+ and put it in neutral and coasted, the vibration almost was completely gone at that point.

Any ideas what this may be?
I also have non centric wheel adapters on the rear tires, could this be and issue? What would cause the vibration to almost complete dissipate above 80+mph?

Me and my jeep buddies around here are stumped.
Any opinions appreciated!