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June 21st, 2011, 22:57
Just in case there are any questions I thought I would post up the Washington state lift laws. If your going to risk getting a ticket you might as well know how many you're risking.

Washington Lift Laws and Vehicle Equipment Laws

Washington has some of the most detailed street legal laws of any state. Suspension lifts are allowed as long as they are safe and the vehicle's bumpers remain below the bumper height limit. Aftermarket wheels and tires, performance shocks, aftermarket bumpers, and grille guards are allowed.
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Governing Laws

Washington details its street legal laws in the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) and the Washington Administrative Code (WAC).

RCW Title 46
WAC Title 204

Vehicle Dimensions

In Washington, vehicles must be no bigger than 102 inches wide, 14 feet tall, and 40 feet long.

RCW 46-44-010
RCW 46-44-020
RCW 46-44-030

Tire Restrictions

All tires on vehicles driven in Washington must be safe. There is a minimum tire tread depth requirement of 1/16 inch. Tire grooving as allowed only on tires that are designed to be grooved.

RCW 46-37-420
RCW 46-37-424
RCW 46-37-425

Wheel Restrictions

Washington's laws require that all wheels be in safe condition. Lug nuts must not extend outside of the wheel and tire.

RCW 46-37-369

Braking Requirements

Vehicles driven in Washington are required to have functional brakes on all 4 wheels. All vehicles need to be able to stop from a speed of 20 mph within 30 feet. A secondary, mechanical, parking brake is required.

RCW 46-37-340
RCW 46-37-351

Steering Laws

Washington has a maximum allowed vehicle turning radius of 32 feet and a minimum steering wheel diameter of 12 inches.

RCW 46-37-375
WAC 204-10-022

Suspension Laws

There are no specific suspension lift limits in Washington. Body lifts are allowed, but they cannot be home made. Anti-sway bars are mandatory.

RCW 46-37-375
WAC 204-10-036

Frame Requirements

The street legal laws in Washington require that a vehicle's frame be no lower than the sidewall height of its tires. Replacement or aftermarket frames must be FMVSS certified.

WAC 204-10-036

Bumper Restrictions

Washington requires that bumpers be at least 4.5 inches tall. Bumper height is limited according to the vehicle's GVWR.

Vehicle GVWR

Max. Bumper Height
Under 4,501
Front: 24 inches | Rear: 26 inches

4,501 to 7,500
Front: 27 inches | Rear: 29 inches

7,501 and over
Front: 28 inches | Rear: 30 inches

Cars and SUVs
Front: 22 inches | Rear: 22 inches

( Measured to the bottom of the bumper. )

RCW 46-37-513
WAC 204-10-022

Fender Requirements

Fenders and mud flaps that cover the full width of a vehicle's tires are required in Washington. Mud flaps must extend downward to at least the center line of the wheel.

RCW 46-37-500
WAC 204-10-022

Lighting Requirements

In addition to headlights and tail lights, vehicles in Washington are allowed to have additional lights installed. When a vehicle is equipped with extra lighting, no more than 4 front lights can be on at one time while driving.



Min. Height

Max. Height

2 min.

24 inches

54 inches
Tail lights

2 min.

15 inches

72 inches
Spot lights 2 max.


Fog lights 2 max


12 inches

30 inches
Aux. passing lights

2 max.

24 inches

42 inches
Aux. driving lights

2 max.

16 inches

42 inches

( Measured to the center of the light. )

RCW 46-37-040
RCW 46-37-050
RCW 46-37-180
RCW 46-37-270

Window Laws

Windshields are not required in Washington as long as the driver wears glasses or safety goggles. Windshield wipers are required if the vehicle is equipped with a windshield.

RCW 46-37-410

Exhaust Requirements

In Washington, vehicles are required to be equipped with mufflers. Exhaust cutouts and bypasses are not allowed to be installed.

RCW 46-37-390

Engine Swap Rules

Engine modifications and engine swaps are not covered in Washington's laws.

Emissions Testing

5 counties in Washington currently require emissions testing.

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