View Full Version : White Rim Trail permit

September 4th, 2010, 15:46
Some of you probably read i had to drop out of my trip after a recent hospital visit.. i'll be fine once pain diminishes.

I have a permit for Sept 8th at Mutphy's Hogback A available. Capacity is three vehicles and 10? people. Some consider the one of the best sights on the trail and why i chose it, located about 55 miles in from the entrance at Shaefer switchbacks.

The WRT was recenly closed after a storm, but it's once again open to enter and exit at Shaefer or Potash only, no exit at the Mineral Botoms switchback. You will have to double back and out to exit. Carrying a 5gal fuel container would be a good idea.

Free to a Red member who will actually use it.

Figured i'd offer it here before EXPO.