View Full Version : having problems with A/C and heat

July 24th, 2010, 15:16
hey, I have a 1995 XJ 4.0 aw4 350,000Kms and im having a couple problems with the A/C

first off the A/C or heat only work on the high setting? why wouldnt it work on the others?

and when I am running the a/c everyone once in a while it shuts right off, so nothing is coming out of the vents and the cd deck looses power for 30 seconds or so, then both turn back on???

any ideas?


July 24th, 2010, 15:28
When you say the a/c and heat only work on HIGH, I'm a**uming you mean the blower motor, and that is usually a sign that the resistor pack has burnt out as when that happens the motor only works on HIGH. Passenger's side under the dash.

HVAC controls (along with the ignition switch, headlight harness and switch) are poorly designed--pull the switch and check for melted connections.

To improve the survivability of the XJ electrical system make a habit of turning off all accessories--radio, blower, a/c, what ever, BEFORE turning off the ignition. That way the next time you start the engine the load surge won't be so heavy.