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July 16th, 2010, 14:07
What is the difference between a 2wd 30-43LE and a 4wd 30-43LE.

I have a 1995 XJ that is part time 4wd with a NP-231 and a 30-43LE trans. It shifts/jumps from 1st-3rd bypassing second gear and has error codes on two solenoids. Sometime it has problems finding fourth.

I have a junkyard 30-43LE from a 1993 XJ, also a 30-43LE that was "working great". Transmission shop say that they can't swap the 93 into the 95 because the 93 is a 2wd trans and the 95 is a 4wd trans. What's the difference? Output shaft?

Thanks in advance.

July 16th, 2010, 15:54
So I can Search and came across this one:

Whats the diff between AW4's for 2wd or 4wd


The 2WD AW4 has a longer tailshaft, different size and spline count, and you'd have to do a "divorced" mount for the transfer case as a result.

The 4WD version has the transfer case adapter, a shorter tailshaft with a different size and spline count, and an integral "adapter" housing to bolt the transfer case directly to the transmission.

You can convert from one to the other, but it requires the mainshaft/tailshaft assembly and tailshaft housing/transfer case adapter housing, and you're damn near doing an overhaul to replace the mainshaft/tailshaft assembly anyhow.

It bothers me that they would put the same model number on two different transmissions.

Does anyone want to recommend a rebuild kit for the 30-43LE 4wd? Might as well make it better than new if I'm not going to throw in a junkyard transmission.

July 18th, 2010, 22:44
Every mid-90s XJ that I have seen with an auto has the Aisin-Warner 4 speed (AW4). There is also a Toyota application of this same tranny, Toyota calls it the A340. Your number 30-43LE sounds like a number for a Chrysler tranny, as used in jeeps other than XJ Cherokees. Something is amiss.

July 18th, 2010, 22:57
Yeah the 4WD has the transfer case mated to it, the 2WD has a little extra housing with the rear output yoke and the speedo assembly (both of which are in the transfer case on 4WD models). Wherever you bought the 2WD tranny should take it back for exchange, tell em to check their book it's unusable.