View Full Version : AW4 Not Shifting out of 1st. 95 XJ

July 14th, 2010, 05:13
New jeep and I'm slowly getting the oddities worked out. This is my 2nd AW4 rig and owing to the reliability - I don't know where to start with my non-shift issue. The AW-4 in my MJ has seen a shiat-kicking and is still top-notch for 500,000km on an automatic.

Anywho. 1995 4.HO XJ AW-4 / NP231. Placing the shifter handle in D - the jeep will NOT shift out of first. I can manually shift it from 1-2 -> 3 with the lever and it dumps into 3rd gear.

Am going to start with fuses but are there any other telltale things I should check?

P.S Anyone who advised me in my CPS r/r thread - Thanks a mil, took me an hr to button it all up.

July 14th, 2010, 05:24
Start by checking your TPS.
A good link to bookmark for your transmission:

July 14th, 2010, 08:13
Don't know about the 95, but my 87 had two fuses. One at the box and one at the TCU. Yours may not be setup the same, but that was my problem. Checking the voltage at the TPS is a great start. It is a 5 volt system and you should be reading 5 volts on one, 0.8 volts on the other, and the third is a ground. If that isn't it, move on.