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June 5th, 2010, 12:16
Thinking on pulling some parts for future projects, but need some assistance. The search on previous posts were a little counter productive. Kind of an instance where one search discription provides to little info and another search discription provides to much to sift through.

Specs...2001 XJ 4x4...3.5" lift on 31's...located in middle Tennessee.

1. What is a reasonable price for a Ford Explorer 8.8 with or without LSD? I'm hearing around $150??
2. How can I tell if it is LSD equiped? Is it indicated on the axle tag?
3. If I pull that axle from an Explorer, what parts do I need to pull with it?
4. I learned that most of these 8.8 have a 3.73 gearset in them. I am geared at 3.55. If I install this axle without regearing, I am ok to run as long as I don't engage 4x4...correct?
5. What will need to be done to the axle to prepare it for install...I'm assuming relocating leaf pack brackets, shock mounts...
6. Will I be able to use my OEM drive shaft?
7. Will this upgrade really be worth the time and money? I have the factory 8.25 in it now.
8. What should I expect to have to pay to have front and rears regeared to 4.11, or would I be just as well off just gearing the front to a 3.73?
9. Upon installation of the 8.8, what considerations will need to be done with the brakes on the XJ?

IN CONSIDERATION OF POINTS 7 AND 8: I do have the Tera-flex front spacers and rear shackles to eventually get up to 5" (which I know creates a new set of questions...this is down the road!)

Thanks guys and gals. Hopefully if I go this route I can find some guys in the SEC that would be willing to help me with axle set up, re-gearing, and installation for the cost of pizza and beer. I'd love to do it "myself" as a learning opportunity. If not, I am hoping to get a pretty accurate handle on the costs of this upgrade so I can budget it correctly.

June 5th, 2010, 14:26
1. $100-250 ia about average around here
2. It may have a tag but if you turn one wheel and the other turns the same direction with someone applying resistance to the other wheel then it is probably LS
3. Brakes, parking brake cables, U-bolts (although it would be better to get new ones), spring top plates, and the flat flange adapter from the driveshaft.
4. Yes, I suggest pulling the front driveshaft until you get gears just in case.
5. Those things and maybe making the parking brake cables work.
6. The 8.8 uses a flat flange (which is much stronger) so your driveshaft won't work until you install the flat flange adapter on it.
7. There is a slight upgrade in strength and maybe more aftermarket support but it is still c-clip. I do think you can get a c-clip eliminator kit though.
8. I would regear both to 4:56. It varies from $200-up per axle for regearing labor, figure on about $500 for parts for both axles.
9. If you get one with drum brakes it should be fine, it seems that most people are O.K. without any other brake mods but if you have a pre 95 brake booster then a post 95 booster is a great and easy upgrade.