View Full Version : crown vic discs on the C8.25?

June 2nd, 2010, 12:26
Does anyone know if disc brakes from a crown vic can be easily made to fit the C8.25? I'm asking bc I have discs from a CV and while the holes in the CV brake bracket are kind of close to the bolts on the axle flange, they don't line up very well. I have spoken to one person who says that CV discs fit his 1996 C8.25 by just opening 3 of the 4 holes slightly. It looks more like I'd have to completely re-drill 3 of 4 bracket holes to fit my 2000 C8.25. Anyone else tried CV discs on a C8.25 successfully?

Before I get flamed, yes I searched and yes I know that ZJ discs can be made to fit the C8.25 easily and I know that the CV discs work well on the XJ D44. The problem is I already have CV discs and a C8.25. Everything I came across, on this site and others, confirmed everything else I've seen so far, CV discs for D44s and ZJ discs for the C8.25, but nothing much on mixing and matching.

June 2nd, 2010, 12:40
Yes, the Crown Vic can be used but IMO aren't worth the time. I had them and went back to drum.

You have to mount a separate prop valve for them, argue with e-brake cables and then the pads are just too small for a built XJ.

The best are the disk brakes from a Libby.