View Full Version : Transmission Wiring Questions???

May 30th, 2010, 17:19
Alright I know I can control my AW4 by supplying power to the two shift solenoids but here is my problem. I have swapped a 4.0 w/ AW4 into a 76' IH Scout. I have all of the wires coming from the trans to the engine compartment but do not have the TCU or any of the TCU harness. Can someone please tell which two wires go to the solenoids, just the letter of which pin and is it the grey or black plug in the engine compartment. I have this project all running and ready to go other than the trans wiring.
Here is a pic just to show my Jeep w/ a Scout body.

It now has the grill in it and the radiator actually mounted along with my harnesses in it.