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January 31st, 2010, 23:45
I'm going to be easy on everyone this month since last month seemed to be a total flop.

The rules are...

In one post, put up the best pics you have.

Up to five photos

Only one post per person please

You can go back as far as you want for this one. No time deadline.

February 1st, 2010, 07:56
here are a few of my older ones. they were the easiest to dig up without digging into my portable hd.


February 1st, 2010, 19:11





February 2nd, 2010, 08:24
Oooh, you have me digging too, Ryan!

Can I add one thing to make this more interesting? I suggest that the photographers add comments with each photo they post telling what they like about them.

I hope this doesn't count as my one post. :gee:

February 2nd, 2010, 15:36
1. taken on my first night out playing with my camera... it was pitch black out. 30 second exposure, f/3.5, 18mm. and look at the colors that came out.

2. first time shooting a sporting event with my own camera. i like it because the balance seems good and i was about 100 yards away. ~150mm zoom...? ish? (my lens goes up to 200mm, but i wasn't all the way zoomed in). 1/250, f/5(ish), exp comp -2.3..

3. taken as the same night as the first. it's just pleasant

4. same place as #1 and #3, but obviously daylight. i like the colors and balance.

5. hemi challenger with the sticker on the dash... what's not awesome about that? and it was my first time messing around with my circular polarizer. i used it to bring out the bumper sticker that's sitting on the dash.

February 3rd, 2010, 10:05
Zion Nation Park after Camping a night on Grand Canyon Rim. I liked this because of the beautiful scenery.

Yellowstone National Park. I liked all the sharp colors in the photo.

Dry Tortugas, Florida Keys - I liked the colors of the sunrise on the old fort.

Zion National Park - Angel's Landing. I usually try to border my pictures with an object or offset them so you can see more of the background, this one I didn't and I liked how it came out.

Cliff's of Moher - Ireland

February 3rd, 2010, 10:17
Cliff's of Moher - Ireland
i came sooo close to submitting one of mine from the cliffs of moher... i should have. but we were there on a really crappy day.

February 3rd, 2010, 10:28
I have a lot of favorites. Here are five of them

My Dog. I just like this shot because he is my dog.

An old WWII hospital car. To me this shot tells a story. I've always just got a feeling that you can almost feel what has happened in this room.

The headlights off an old EMD locomotive. I like the depth of field in this shot and the detail of the paint coming off around the lights. To me it makes it feel old.

Can't say for sure why I like this one...other than it is in the Swell and the colors seem to complement each other.

This one is probably one of my favorites. I love the shallow depth of field and the lighting. I mostly love the fact that I was able to pull it off hand held and keep it sharp.

February 3rd, 2010, 12:59

great picture. this is one of the hikes im shooting for this june when im there. you got my heart going again thinking about my trip and this hike especially.

February 3rd, 2010, 13:02
as far as my pictures, i have a lot of favorites from wheeling and adventures. these five were just the easiest to find.

all five are HDR's that I have done. obviously not super realistic, but i just liked the finished product.

-pictures 1-3 are yellowstone national park.
-picture 4 is glacier national park.
-picture 5 is a field in Wisconsin.

February 3rd, 2010, 21:12
From a recent trip to Flagstaff, AZ to snatch an XJ...... had to go check out these old rotting cars........





And this little guy kept following me around as I scrounged and shot pics......


February 3rd, 2010, 22:05
Light Fight (Goleta Beach Bon Fire)

Bixby Creek Bridge

Lifeguard Tower and Bike (Malibu)

Rolling Cigarette (Santa Barbara Main Street)

Just Chillin (San Francisco Warf)

February 4th, 2010, 13:40
JakeWI - Nice pictures! I thought I had the first three picture locations pegged. I wasn't sure about the last photo. As for angel's landing you're gonna love the hike, hope you're not scared of heights! I want to go back in the summer and do the Narrow's.

ASP - I was really lucky, the previous day and the following day were both overcast and rainy. Couldn't see anything when I went to Ring of Kerry.

Yellaheap - Love the bullet holes in the old cars.

February 4th, 2010, 21:39
Thanks buddy. did you have any guess' on the last one? Im a little afraid of heights. Im going to see how far I can take angel's landing.

February 5th, 2010, 04:40
These are not nearly as good as previous posts.
One of my favorites. Not because of the photo quality, just because it wasn't set up and I thought it was funny as hell. (just happened to be in the right place at the right time)
Not sure why I like this on. The boat is ugly as hell, but for some reason this photo has always been one of my favorites.
Just because it brings out my inner gear-head.:D

February 5th, 2010, 06:18
The hayfield reminded me of some of the old farm's in Pennsylvania when I used to live there. Especially in Valley Forge.

February 5th, 2010, 10:55
I have a lot of favorites. Here are five of them

An old WWII hospital car. To me this shot tells a story. I've always just got a feeling that you can almost feel what has happened in this room.

The headlights off an old EMD locomotive. I like the depth of field in this shot and the detail of the paint coming off around the lights. To me it makes it feel old.

let me guess. http://www.theunionstation.org/index.html

February 5th, 2010, 13:22
let me guess. http://www.theunionstation.org/index.html

Good guess. You been there?

February 5th, 2010, 14:15
Good guess. You been there?

yep. this past november after checking out a college here.

February 5th, 2010, 17:06
yep. this past november after checking out a college here.

Where is here? Where are you living?

February 5th, 2010, 22:31
Where is here? Where are you living?

Snow College richfield campus. I had some time to burn waiting for my flight so i went up there to check out the museum and then i wandered over to Antelope Island.

February 6th, 2010, 09:44

Captured this image with my Kodak P&S at the Miller Motorsports Park during the Grand-Am Rolex Series. I like it for the textures.


I like this one for the colors and DOF.


This shot required me to lay down on the slope and rest my camera on the tie to capture the stamped date on the rail, with the trestle in the background. I like the way the sunlight glistens on the bolts and spikes in contrast to the pronounced shadows.


I love this shot! It was caputured on my kitchen table, with ambient post-sunset light providing the illumination. I love the way the natural lighting highlights the texture and detail on the gears, as well as the shallow DOF.


I like the way the reflection in the rail pulls your focus towards and highlights the autumn colors in the distance.

February 6th, 2010, 11:12
Not sure why I like this on. The boat is ugly as hell, but for some reason this photo has always been one of my favorites.

My dad used to build engines for blown alchohol hydroplane boats like that, he had his own boat called Lickety Split in the late 70s. That's a great shot, I love those boats.

Thanks for the nostalgia moment :D

February 7th, 2010, 10:06

I should go through my catalog and try to pick five favorites.

I might be able to weed them out by the end of February...

February 8th, 2010, 10:30
Grimm, Here's a few more. :D


And here

February 10th, 2010, 20:30
I had to try so hard to only do 5, and not have my XJ in each. :D

FYI: Everybodys pictures look awesome on my new "monitor" 26" Sony Bravia, lol

Reflection of Lake Superior on my Jeep, it just looks nice to me.

This moth turned out real good in Macro, not my finger BTW lol.

This one of a loon I took. They are really neat in my book. To be out camping and hear them calling in the middle of the night is something else.

This is a favorite, that is me in the driver seat on the track at Road America. It was a huge moment for me.

The horizon in the back is what I like. Not to mention the fall to the bottom of this hill.

February 13th, 2010, 11:32
I have way too many favorite pics, also. And some of them are not necessarily my "best" ones either, as far as artistic merit or image quality. Some just evoke great memories...

Oddly enough, many of my faves are from Hawaii :D

This one is from Polipoli State Park, at about 6000' elevation on the side of Haleakala, Maui. We had just returned to the jeep after a long hike through the cool, damp, and foggy forest, when the fog began to thin, and for a few minutes it was as if the fog was glowing. This is a scan of the original photo (from 1999)

This one is from Molokai, there's just something about the light that I like

Back to Maui again, Wai'anapanapa State Park, I like the intense green foliage with black rocks, and blue water.

Another from Molokai, along the trail down to Kalaupapa. Again, the colors

And from our back yard, I believe from last March's photo assignement. I hadn't even noticed the bug when I took the pic

February 13th, 2010, 16:50
I am not even in the same league as most on here, but I have gotten lucky a couple times with my little point and shoot.

My wife and I visiting a friend in Amsterdam. This little ice cream shop is across the street from his house.


The same friend is a pilot for KLM in Amsterdam, subsequently he has a nice house. This is off of his back deck. Its beautiful there.


In Bavaria somewhere, on the way to a glacier for a ski trip.


My dog. Because she thinks I can do no wrong.


Somewhere in the Swiss alps on another ski trip. Not a great shot, but awesome memories.



February 16th, 2010, 12:12
You say favorite and best, they are 2 different groups of photos for me, so I am going with best. No jeepin photos in my best, none of them compete with the five I have assembled. Best or favorite jeepin photos would also make a nice theme too, hint hint. :)

The first photo was the big holdup for my contribution. Back in the previous century I had a camera that used APS film- the funny little film cartridge that you could partially shoot and swap out for later re-use since the film stays completely in the can any time it is not in the camera. It was convenient and I loved the saturation and contrast... Although working with the recently scanned photo now I am battling excessive saturation and contrast. :confused1 When you said “your best”, this image immediately came to mind even though I have not seen it in several years. That alone tells me that it belongs here. I had a crappy little scanned version on a CD that was too small and of such horrible resolution I could not bear to post it. I could not find the original print. The index print and film cartridge did turn up in my hunt. This would be the easy part. It turns out that APS film has gone the way of the dodo bird. Nobody processes it anymore. The solution came from an unlikely place- COSTCO! I already use them for prints, they have given me beautiful results in anything from 4x6 to 20x30 inches, all within an hour. My local store said they junked their APS machine years ago because it kept breaking, but to try the eastside store. Oh joy, theirs was still working! They scanned the film to a CD, here is the result:

North Creek Cascades. Zion National Park. July, 1999

I have found that the best photos in my collection involve two things: Composition that leads the viewer’s eye on a journey through the entire photograph. A theme involving people enjoying or interacting with beautiful scenes in nature.
The hikers are vital to the success of this photo on both counts. Starting in the foreground, my eye is carried from the first cascades, to group of 4, to larger cascades, to individual hikers, to mysterious dark bend of canyon that begs further exploration. Notice the path of intersecting diagonal lines this creates? Diagonal lines are powerful compositional elements. Imagine the same photo without the hikers and the vertical cascades of falling water and the horizontal sandstone benches becomes competing dominant lines. They don’t lead the eye anywhere.

Now take a look at each hiker. They are obviously traveling as a group- yet they are all lost in their own moment. None seems to be aware of anyone else, nor of me taking their photo for that matter. They are sufficiently anonymous that I could easily imagine myself among them right now, hiking in the summer sunlight, cool water washing through my toes, the white noise of the cascades driving away all of the background noise of human consciousness. Every time I look at this photo it takes me away. Great photos invoke an emotional response.

Hot Spring, Long Valley Caldera, California. September, 2002

This single photo captured the spirit of the summer of 2002. That was when by choice I became homeless and unemployed. Composition is straight up, starting with the toes. The toes rising out of the shimmering water speak of leisure. The tall, dry grass place it as late summer/early fall. The empty valley and hills evoke undeveloped, wide open spaces- my “home” for 4 months. The blue skies and fair-weather clouds were typical of the weather I enjoyed throughout this period. My hope is that anyone viewing this photo places themselves there. It certainly is the case for me!

One of the last photos I made with my Nikon Coolpix 995 was one of the best! That camera was a masterpiece of design, with the split swivel body and internally focusing/zooming lens. I credit years of familiarity with it in helping me get this portrait of a bear in difficult lighting conditions while the adrenalin was pumping. Alas, after 10,000 photos it started taking randomly blurry photos and I was forced to replace it soon afterwards.
Black Bear, Fourth of July Canyon, Manzano Mountains, New Mexico. October, 2004

My future wife had expressed interest in going up to the Manzano Mountains, where a rare stand of big tooth maples puts on a spectacular fall colors show. Camera at the ready, we went for a hike. Suddenly a couple of excited people came running towards us, “there’s a BEAR on the trail back there!” I looked at Maria, “wanna see a bear?” “Yes!” I had always wondered how adventurous she was, I was not disappointed. We headed up the trail until we met a clump of people who pointed out the bear’s location. I could not see anything other than a blob of brown fur through the trees. We circled around the spot where Mr. Bear was sitting, either looking for acorns or digging up the carcass of the last hiker to cross his path for a second meal. I didn’t mention that possibility to Maria as I shot this photo, he was looking at her and kind of snorting and she needed some reassurance. I checked to make sure I had a keeper, then we left the bear behind. I had seen several bears in the mountains of California, they all looked scrawny compared this one. Both of us were very happy that we got such a close look at him.

Composition was simple: max zoom on the Coolpix, Mr. Bear pretty much filled the frame. People or animals appear most natural when given some “looking room”- space within the frame for them to move in the direction that they are looking. So I gave him some space, which included out of focus golden leaves to help place the season.

Kayaking Fiftymile Creek, Lake Powell, Utah. May, 2009
Another adventure with my wife. The most amazing part of this: getting her to paddle her own kayak. She is no big fan of open water, much less the confinement of a flooded slot canyon. Composition is simple: The green water forms converging diagonal lines leading the eye to the distant bend in the canyon. From there the streaks of desert varnish invite admiration of the soaring red walls. Follow Maria’s gaze and discover the glimmering reflections all along the lower canyon wall. Lake Powell is an incredible visual feast. It comes as no surprise that my last offering comes from there too!

Good friends on Good Hope Bay. Lake Powell, Utah. October, 2009
Composition-wise, there is a lot going on here. I was very lucky to get a candid photo where everyone’s face is visible. When viewing a photograph, the eye is always first drawn to human faces. We are curious as to what those faces are looking at. Each of the faces in this little group are looking at another person. This leads your eye around a circle in the center of the photo. Breaking out of the circle, notice how the white sandstone at the foreground mirrors the shape of the background mesa in shadow? There is a similar balancing of the black water and blue sky. Diagonal lines tie these corners together. Using the good ‘ol rule of thirds places 2 of the people right on intersections that are also located a diagonal line apart.

As you may have guessed by now, I am a big fan of composition. I am also a big fan of placing humans or other animals as compositional elements. They aid the composition and add interest to the scene. They differentiate my photos from the zillion other photos taken every day. Many photographers go to extremes to exclude any signs of humankind from their photos. To me those type of photos are quite literally, lifeless. Imagine any of the 5 photos I posted without the people or the bear. None of them would be memorable. What I like the most is that each one of the moments represented here only lasted for the 1/250 of a second that the shutter was open. I could never duplicate them, nor could anyone else. I have saved a unique moment in time for eternity. That is all I ask of my camera. If past experience if any prediction, I can expect a really good photo to come out of it about once a year. :)

February 17th, 2010, 09:28
Here's one of my favorites from a scuba trip (yes - they are posted on facebook so I don't know if you'll see them if you aren't logged in to that):

Juvenile Garibaldi


Being a goon:


Giggling at Karstik:


a cool macro shot I liked:


and I can't take credit for this one since my brother took it, but it was on the trip that I had planned so it's mine haha


February 17th, 2010, 10:15
Ok ill play, mine arnt near as good as many that iv seen so far but o-well


Near the top of rampart range rd.

lake going up pikes peak

coming down

Twin lake Res.
Now that i think about it that might not be from twin lakes...

February 21st, 2010, 23:44
Mt Timpanogos Meadow
Taken with a 7 year old 35mm point & shoot & Kodak gold 400 in 1997, just scanned from a beat up old print.
I was hiking along and suddenly in my head pictured the image in the pale yellow viewfinder frame of that zoom-less brick,
came to a stop, then backed up the trail several steps and found the shot I pictured was just possible.
Love the composition and the elements of blue sky, cliff outcrop, snow, and colorful meadow.
The emergency shelter I wasn't so sure about but now only wish it all fit the frame.

Sunny Desert
2002 during Easter Jeep Safari, finding solitude out beyond the end of the Chicken Corners trail,
checking out a goose-neck of the Colorado River below when I turned around and found basic natural elements captivating,
I stepped aside to compose a typical people-less landscape, she purposefully stepped back in to frame,
ok I said, so I re-composed, making it the kind of photo this thread made me think of right away.
That was the last shot on that roll, left the film in the XJ clear on the other side of that big red hill.

Hidden Canyon Contours
http://www.photozo.com/album/data/506/PA030713a.jpg (http://www.photozo.com/album/showphoto.php?photo=137767)
Taken during the 2007 Fall Fling 3D trail run.
Nearly discarded due to blown out color as it was shot nearly in to the sun in harsh early afternoon light.
A last moment idea to convert to b&w was all the difference.
In recent study I've learned a good landscape must convey a humanistic view in order to relate to a viewer,
my eyes flow with the rim rock pathways and I wonder what lies hidden in the canyon.

The Joint Trail
http://inlinethumb47.webshots.com/44334/1474954236043863621S600x600Q85.jpg (http://travel.webshots.com/photo/1474954236043863621yTcKHa)
This one dates back to Oct 2005's Loose Screws Tour, 4 mp point & shoot digicam shot,
Out of focus, low res, centered point of interest, blown sky, this one seems to defy the "rules",
but it sums up the awesome experience of hiking the joint trail for me like no other shot I've taken there since.

Hovenweep Castle
http://www.photozo.com/album/data/502/0909SUT-D7_59.JPG (http://www.photozo.com/album/showphoto.php?photo=162683)
From last September, one I consider my best photo.
The light was perfect, complimentary contrasty elements, symmetry, and composition that make for a strong image.
I preferred this wider view over more frame filling shots,
showing more context of a remote location and structure of significance to those who built and used it long ago.