View Full Version : Front Sway bar bushing SOS-HELP

Green Mesa XJ
December 19th, 2009, 15:45

I'm working on our 1991 Cherokee Laredo, 4.0, automatic, 4 wheel drive, 231 (?).

Part of the long running attempt to fix the sloppy steering problem, I am now replacing the lower control arms and sway bar bushings. (already have done everything else including the upper control arms)

Lower control arms are done and that's all good. Now I am stuck on the sway bar bushings.

One bolt that holds up the sway bar on the passenger side closest to the bumper is stuck.
The bold spins with the ratchet on it. I was able to reach a finger though the frame and touch the nut to confirm the nut spins as the bolt is turned.

My dilemma is what to do about it. Should I cut through the frame enough to get wrench on the nut? Or is there a way to get to that nut without cutting through the frame, like remove the front bumper?

I do not know why it is this way, don't know if it is a factory screw up, a half asses repair after a wreck (and I know was wreck in the front before we got it.), or my bad luck to have the nut break free of the welding.

Did the same job on my 84 Xj and it went smoothly.

Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated

Green Mesa XJ
March 8th, 2010, 11:39
Update:Problem was fixed by removing the front bumper. There was a small opening in where the free Spinning nut in the frame could get a wrench on it.

A few second with the impact gun and then a bit of fiddling to getting the bolt started and the front suspension job was done. :)