View Full Version : Do I really need my sway bars?

October 23rd, 2006, 17:21
It is pretty universally accepted that the rear sway bar is unnecessary, so it can be removed with little or no consequence. There will be a slight improvement in rear articulation with the rear sway bar removed.

It's a different story with the front sway bar. There are dramatically different experiences between owners of various rigs concerneing how their rigs handle with no front sway bar. How well a rig drives without a front sway bar is totally dependant on the suspension of that particular vehicle. With stiff enough springs and the right shocks it can drive well and be safe with no sway bar. However, if the springs and/or shocks are softer the rig can lean excessively in the corners or in quick avoidance type manuevers, and using the front sway bar would improve the handling and the safety. Generally, it seems that rigs with stiffer coils, like Rancho's or Skyjackers, and/or with stiff rear springs (like BOR or a bunch of add-a-leaves) do much better without the front sway bar.

We can look at it this way.....many rigs need a front sway bar, most are better off with a sway bar, and some handle well without one. It's important for each driver to be realistic and honest with themselves about the handling of their rig without the front sway bar, so use good judgement and be safe. There are some good sway bar disconnects on the market, and it is very easy to make your own quick disconnects by simply using a 10mm wing nut on the top of stock links, so running a front sway bar on the street is an easy thing to do. Since handling relates to safety, it is a good idea to take a conservative approach to running with or without the front sway bar.