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  1. Whats wrong with the medical world
  2. Attend your state's Tea Party!!
  4. Who am I?
  5. They don't all pass.
  6. How it happened.
  7. John Stewart makes a funny (at least to me)
  8. Let's all give Fidel Castro a hug.
  9. Gun Control Poll
  10. Let's all surrender our weapons!
  11. U.S. Socialism Abroad
  12. The liberal brain
  13. Bill to limit Federal powers to Constitutionally granted powers only
  14. Why hasn't Israel attacked Iran's nuke facilities but did Iraq's in 81?
  15. Pakistan is biting the dust
  16. State Secrets
  17. Homeland Security on the Lookout...
  18. Gov. Perry Backs Resolution Affirming Texas’ Sovereignty Under 10th Amendment
  19. Unions are AWESOME...
  20. Why the end of America is closer than you think; a good read while wearing a foil hat
  21. Socialized Medicine
  22. EPA declares Greenhouse gasses a Heath Hazard under the Clean Air act.
  23. Give me shelter
  24. US Taxpayers-Profit center for Washington's elect
  25. CA's attempt to legislate discrimination
  26. School strip searches 13 yr old girl for alleged possession of....
  27. Cabinet of Clowns
  28. AIG may get hung if Chrsler defaults
  29. This is unsettling
  30. More on Chrysler & Treasury wheeling and dealing
  31. !!!NWS....I think we've been here before....NWS!!!
  32. The true nature of the Obama admin is coming out
  33. You wanna ban guns, eh?
  34. Pontiac is gettin stabbed in the back
  35. How is this legal?
  36. 100 days, 100 mistakes
  37. Who would you vote for now?
  38. She wants to cut our budget
  39. First 100 Days
  40. Why for am I not surprised by this?
  41. Supreme court picks
  42. Press corps stands for Obama but not Bush?
  43. Robert Gibbs: No bailout for newspapers
  44. Pedophile Protection Act
  45. Anybody watching WH correspondance dinner?
  46. Buy Black-WTH
  47. Tax time for students!
  48. LOL
  49. Wells Fargo Pays $312.5M Dividend to U.S.
  50. Southbend - Obama
  51. Do You Believe Pelosi?
  52. WTG Joe!
  53. GITMO Detainees
  54. White African American Sues School for Discrimination
  55. Credit Card Reform Bill amendment.
  56. Obama and gun control
  57. Audit the Fed, then end it!
  58. Cry.Co. dealer closing list: a different prespective
  59. Sotomayor
  60. More liberal crap.
  61. I feel change coming
  62. A Russian Perspective...
  63. Hummer bought by China firm
  64. What socialism in America looks like . . .
  65. Principal mortgage payments should be tax deductible
  66. Pelosi: ‘Cash for Clunkers’ Bill
  67. You scare me
  68. My new American heros........
  69. Right-Wing Government Terrorist Report and That Shooting?
  70. 23 States oppose semi-auto gun ban
  71. Another Letter to Obama
  72. Best letter to Obama, Congress, our elected leaders to date
  73. Obama The Horrible Fly Killer, lol
  74. Nationalized Healthcare=Colon screening actually kills you instead of saving you
  75. Boxer scolds Brigader General for calling her "ma'am"
  76. Obama fires Investigator General for doing his job
  77. Obamacare
  78. Iranian Revolution?
  79. Climate Tax?
  80. The Stimulus is working!
  81. i never thought i would miss W
  82. Looking for a new Congressman-here's what a good one looks like.
  83. Stimulus May Be Working
  84. This sucks, why don't we wave a white flag?
  85. Guns safe?
  86. Palin quits????
  87. Palin Resigns!
  88. Stimulus #2
  89. <obama>dayummn gurl</obama>
  90. Ted Nugent's take on Obama and cabinet
  91. Report: Bush surveillance program was massive
  92. AB962 Ammo Sales Bill--Only can buy 50rnds a month
  93. Sotomayor on Self-Defense and Abortion
  94. Laughable Spending
  95. Smart cars!
  96. Are we Capitolists or Socialists? Sound off.....
  97. Obama's reaction to Gates' arrest
  98. SECSTATE Grows a pair?
  99. response to obamacare on youtube
  100. Interesting take on US vs Sweden
  101. Save the XJ Clunker!
  102. Glenn Beck and cars.com
  103. Obama's Policy-Agree with me or else?
  104. Economic stimulus naysaysers!
  105. Who am I?
  106. Czar's-who are they, what do they do, are they bypassing Constitutional Law?
  107. Geithner asks Congress for higher U.S. debt limit
  108. Gun Certification is Beginning
  109. Live Free or Die?
  110. Abraham Lincoln
  111. Mad as Hell!
  112. Job creation, C&T, Energy, and other issues
  113. Sarah Palin to repair bridges with Democrats
  114. A polititian I would vote for!
  115. Student loan rip offs & horror stories
  116. AT&T/Yahoo Poll-Obama
  117. Dave Ramsey on CFC
  118. A great refresher
  119. thank a Vet (not spam)
  120. spin this ecomike
  121. Obama has surrounded himself with Marxist radicals
  122. Ted Kennedy Dead
  123. Graphic new warnings to be mandated on cigarette packaging
  124. One step closer to total control
  125. Internet Czar?
  126. Senator Landrieu
  127. New Cash for clunkers program we need
  128. The new White House school plan
  129. Obama, Greatest President ever?
  130. Finally, Something Intelligent from Washington!
  131. Obama's own words: "'Judge me by the people with whom I surround myself.'
  132. California has started printing their own money
  133. One Less Communist in Obama's Administration
  134. Rep. Joe Wilson
  135. ACORN at it again
  136. C4C sad day
  137. Promised land
  138. Walter Chronkite dead at 92
  139. Blood suckers in Police uniforms.
  140. Huzzah!
  141. Shoe thrower is released.
  142. The Government Can!
  143. The Body Count at Home
  144. For 1:04 you will like Obama
  145. AB962 Ammo Sales Bill; Passed, CALL THE GOVENOR TO VETO!!!!
  146. Compare international Health care
  147. Range of govt power
  148. Smart grid stimulous
  149. Terrorists and the Patriot act
  150. Children Taught In School To Praise Obama
  151. protesters at g20???
  152. They're fair and balanced.........right?
  153. Anti-gun senator
  154. Under pressure for nukes, Iran test fires missiles
  155. Pres. Obama at a UN reception.
  156. Conservative vs Liberal
  157. Quel idiota
  158. History Unfolding
  159. Obama Math 1
  160. Obama Math 2
  161. Court Appointments
  162. Iran
  163. Electric car economics 101
  164. Big government....yeah
  165. Obama's nominee to EEOC
  166. Gen McChrystal
  167. Socialized healthcare supporters - read this
  168. OK. Now this is just going entirely too far...
  169. Vote Barack Obama for Heisman
  171. First ammendment-interesting read
  172. Obama's Travel Tally
  173. REAL health care reform.
  174. Wrote a letter to my senator
  175. jobs gained and lost
  176. Not sure what to make of this
  177. All this talk about Nobel Prizes...
  178. Obama admin trying to delegitimize FoxNews
  179. circle flies
  180. America, last man standing
  181. NPR has a poll...
  182. the NEA compares Obama to Caesar, good comparison...
  183. Combat experience shows
  184. Transparent....like a brick wall.
  185. Congressional Research Service report on energy
  186. How stupid are we, Americans? Time to clean the House and Senate
  187. Is America christian, yes
  188. Pledge..By Red Skelton
  189. SEC investigating possible fraud by the Florida State Board of Administration
  190. When will we stop wearing black?
  191. US dollar
  192. legal vs illegal
  193. Nation of the Pacific and Asia
  194. More Obama Bowing
  195. Ex-soldier faces jail for handing in gun
  196. Magic Elixir
  197. Another Reason to hate the Unions
  198. Kid doesn't want to pledge...
  199. Long legged smack daddy
  200. 2000 Page Healthcare Bill
  201. Vote for amendment to require Politicians to enroll in proposed Health Care plan
  202. SNL Obama and Hu
  203. so it starts, maybe good news.
  204. Gotta love the Gipper!
  205. big government and calif ACORN
  206. Did I do the math right??
  207. "Burial at Sea" - chain Email...
  208. Americans favoring isolationism at highest level in 4 decades.
  209. NBC-Comcast Deal and... Obamacare?
  210. Birth Certificate
  211. Sen Reid needs a history lesson...
  212. Bruce Springsteen
  213. Waiting List for the Money Stealing Senator?
  214. Another LSD Zombie Appointee
  215. Obama gives himself a "solid B+" performance grade....really?
  216. Obama being tried for treason?
  217. Merry Christmas
  218. The new Socialism
  219. Allah is god
  220. Oh, FFS
  221. WOW
  222. Israel Calls ALL Ambassadors Home
  223. How long before the brown shirts show up
  224. Mixed marriage?
  225. Jobs and property tax clawbacks on businesses
  226. Buncha micromanaging nitwits...
  227. NPR's primer for speaking teabag
  228. The Lie clock
  229. Healthcare Reform? They lie so much, they're unable to recognize TRUTH!
  230. Once again, Tim Geithner is caught screwing the US taxpayer
  231. A little humor........
  232. Early Exit Poll Results in Mass Special Election
  233. The "Benefits" of Socialism
  234. FLOW
  235. Air America chapter 7
  236. Obama on FB
  237. Liberals open recruitment.
  238. How much Copenhagen Climate Summit in Denmark cost U.S.taxpayers.
  239. Finally, the Obama Administration decides to get something done...
  240. The power of advertizing
  241. Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Mayor
  242. Corperation to run for congress??
  243. First Lady requires more than twenty attendants
  244. Audi SB Com. "Green Police"--farce or test balloon???
  245. King of Pork-Rep John Murtha dead at 77
  246. And Now They Want a Global Warming Agency for more Lies?
  247. Global Debt Time Bomb?
  248. The Final Straw on Climate Change Lies???
  249. Liar Admits No Significant Global Warming in Last 15 Years!!!
  250. economic disaster... sooner than we thought