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  1. debate
  2. Naming a sewer treatment plant after the President
  3. Best SNL Video Yet
  4. Obam willing to add a CIVILIAN SECURITY FORCE??
  5. Something Is In The Air
  6. Before you vote Obama...
  7. Got this in an email...
  8. New voting instructions:
  9. Expectations High for Riot in ATL Tomorrow?
  10. How we used to vote
  11. Returning to Zero
  12. as much as I hate to admit it, I think obama's going to win
  13. Obamanomics and Joe the Plumber
  14. If the other party wins
  15. Obama and gun control.
  16. Obama can't pass background check
  17. Voting Stations
  18. another lol
  19. Holy Crap!... check this video out...
  20. Election maps
  21. Obama Wins
  22. USA joins England as a second world country...
  23. Obama Time:
  24. Obama WINS.......The Sexist voters beat the Racist voters!!!
  25. NO MORE Affirmative action or Race cards!
  26. im moving to canada
  27. So.... Where can I get a "Not MY President" sticker?
  28. A message to President Obama.
  29. I'm Proud of this Country
  30. Texans For an Independent and Conservative Country
  31. What next for Replubican Party?
  32. Welcome to the U.S.S.A.
  33. Get ready for the Obama land grab
  34. Oh no he won...
  35. Post-election question for military members
  36. Just feel like kicking someones ass...
  37. Mcain's and Obama's Speech last night
  38. I gotta admit...
  39. Obama and skin color
  40. What makes you think...
  41. Prop 8 & others
  42. Racism is OVER! Don't EVER pull the race card again.
  43. The United States of America......
  44. 2012
  45. Is Palin really that Stupid?
  46. O' Hail the Messiah Lord Obama
  47. Liberals never stop amazing me
  48. Question for the Obama supporters
  49. RNC Chair: Obama ran the most successful moderate republican campaign in 50 years
  50. Interesting election maps
  51. Stocks down after election...
  52. Even the Russians have O' number
  53. Obama Worries
  54. A Time To Grieve
  55. Change.gov
  56. Guns and economic stimulous
  57. obama's community service plan
  58. the end of doubt
  59. Gay Rights Activists want to Boycott Utah
  60. Mr. President..
  61. Obama to use Executive powers for immidiate change
  62. Bush v Obama threads...
  63. Assassination & Racist "Jokes"
  64. Great comeback by RR
  65. Enough Warnings. . . .
  66. new votes found in Minnesota may give the Dems filibuster-proof Senate
  67. Anti tree hugger news
  68. Paulson - treasury won't buy toxic assets after all!
  69. awsome
  70. Should the Government own a stake in the "BIG Three"?
  71. Dear Mr. Biden...
  72. Aussie cartoons
  73. Recent gun-buying is racist and increases bio-threat?
  74. No Hard Feelings.......
  75. Buying Guns Is Now Racist
  76. Buy a Bank, the "in" thing to do
  77. Obama campaign workers angry over unpaid wages
  78. Party, party, party, "let them eat cake"
  79. Something
  80. Apparently BO has some trouble with the concept of
  81. Things you'll NEVER hear Obamy say...
  82. Hey LOOK! A DNC puppet !
  83. GM sends letters to GM vehicle owners.
  84. Check this out
  85. Obama One ( formerly Air Force One)
  86. One view of 2011
  87. Interesting perspective "King Paulson"
  88. informed voters? i think not.
  89. We are deep <ecomike is a tool> now!
  90. Stimulus check 2?
  91. This will make some of you Happy
  92. Deflation
  93. Bad news for Credit card debt!
  94. Democracy In Action
  95. US to bail out Citi Bank
  96. Bush Pardons...what about Campion and Ramos
  97. Regional banks at risk if Auto industry fails
  98. Here they are boys!! Attn: Yellaheep
  99. Political science for dummies
  100. This'll piss you off!
  101. Solution for Detroit Bail out
  102. Indian chief 'Two Eagles'
  103. Read line 6
  104. Washington Post: 20,000 More U.S. Troops To Be Deployed For “Domestic Security”
  105. Fred on the Economy
  106. N.O sees the light
  107. Deflation....
  108. Its already starting..
  109. Obama's buddy in FBI custody
  110. So who's going to work tomorrow?
  112. Hold on to your britches!
  113. Impeach Obama sticker on cops laptop in car causes stir...
  114. Guy throws shoe at Bush
  115. The cost of money
  116. Blago and Obama's camp. . ..
  117. How do you think Bush has done with his 2 term Presidency?
  118. Back to Normal
  119. US may creat new battery consortium like Sematec in the 80's
  120. GM Jeeps?
  121. Toyota to post first loss in history of the company
  122. Big mama
  123. Obama's pick for swearing him in.
  124. Bipartisan report from the Armed Service Committee makes a case for charging Rumsfeld
  125. stolen election in Minnesota
  126. bailout money - no we won't tell you where it went
  127. Hope and Change? Yeah, about that...
  128. Possible economic riots/Martial law
  129. AP says leave Obama alone!
  130. party
  131. So it is Chrismas
  132. Obama and Marxist parallels
  134. Living in Mama Government's basement...
  135. Chicago -
  136. World calls for ceasefire....Hamas vows revenge
  137. I can't come up with a good title...
  138. Split America in '10
  139. Speaking of riot...
  140. Obama pushes for 'huge' tax cuts and increased spending
  141. Live in CA? Here's an IOU
  142. 2008 - What a Year!
  143. Al Qaeda message blames Obama, Egypt for Gaza violence
  144. Bears loose on Wall Street again
  145. Ron Paul Schools The House...
  146. Citizens' Self-Defense Act of 2009
  147. Gun Control...
  148. George Carlin Knew...
  149. Obama Says Recession Requires Scaling Back Promises
  150. Windfall Tax on Retirement Income
  151. "Bushisms"
  152. another campaign promise tossed aside
  153. Irony is....
  154. Obama: no harsh interrogation, unless it's really important
  155. Wanna Buy Obama's Car?
  156. Obama Approval Rating at 70%
  157. ALRIGHT!! Bush commutes border guard sentences!
  158. meet Obama's white house counsel
  159. Inauguration
  160. thoughts about obamas speach?
  161. Ted Kennedy collapses
  162. "Obama changed my life!!!"
  163. inauguration satalite photo
  164. no stimulus for white males
  165. Here' an idea!
  166. Guantanamo closed?
  167. Interesting report on Obama
  168. Stimulus.............Who Else Forgot?
  169. I miss Bush. . . .
  170. Just to funny
  171. "Stimulus" Package breakdown....I'm feeling stimulated to smack those in favor
  172. New Legislation....
  173. IL Governor out of a Job
  174. Thought for the day
  175. 44 US Presidents - George Washington to Barack Obama
  176. Stimulus Bill Would Give Payments to Illegal Aliens
  177. Obama and Unions
  178. Soup of the day, some will like it
  179. FOCA Obama
  180. Important Stimulus Payment Info
  181. Shuttin Detroit Down
  182. New Hampshire Takes Steps To Fire U.S. Government
  183. Chamber of [foreign] Commerce got their way
  184. Bill to Abolish IRS Introduced
  185. Ha, Obama cussing
  186. Got to love ben and jerrys ice cream
  187. WTC& TYPE building in China engulfed...doesn't collapse...hmm.
  188. Politicizing the Census
  189. How would you fix the current economy?
  190. Nine Principles-do you believe?
  191. Are we supposed to be sad?
  192. California to release thousands of inmates...
  193. Thought this was funny
  194. Run the Government like a business
  195. Another one bites the dust.......
  196. Gov't BANS Youth Dirt Bikes and ATV,
  197. More bad news
  198. To all Americans...
  199. Obama allows Palestinians to reside in US
  201. Anti-Obama signs will get you pulled over by Police. . . .
  202. Tax Credit
  203. Here it comes!!
  204. What will you do with your $13.00 a week from Obama
  205. What are the smoking in DC
  207. Make Pot legal and tax it in CA?
  208. Pelosi
  209. Attn: Obama
  210. Once Again, Ron Paul Tells it Like it is.
  211. Obama, got to love this
  212. breakdown of the stimulus state by state
  213. New Hampshire and Their State Defense Force
  214. What does this tell you all...
  215. Who is the leader of the Republican Party?
  216. Update on Bellaire Texas shoting of unarmed man
  217. So explain to me....
  218. Does the UN know better than Mom and Dad?
  219. Drinking age
  220. Is America Being Deliberately Destroyed?
  221. Lets enact the following rules for congress
  222. It's still not settled?
  223. H.R. 45 - Love Your Guns?
  224. Divorce Agreement
  225. Received an email...
  226. Economy in a nutshell
  227. Socialist?
  228. Mrs. Obama..........
  229. What 1 Trillion Dollars loocks like
  230. Not sure what to think
  231. Kids are so smart today
  232. Defend the Constitution=terrorist (according to this...)
  233. Nancy Reagan Praises President Obama
  234. Obama wants wounded vets to use private insurance?
  235. Immigrants didn't cause your problems!
  236. Shoe thrower sentenced..
  237. The Obama Deception---new documentary
  238. Funny
  239. %^#@ AIG!
  240. Is our economy being engineered to fail?
  241. Yep that pretty much puts it together..
  242. Obama to rescind the Conscience Clause
  243. Obama reaching out to Iran
  244. Just curioius.. any positive news about Obama?
  245. On the taxpayers' dimes...
  246. AmeriCorp = Obama Youth?
  247. Goodbye Chrysler and an independent GM
  248. Obama's budget plan for the US
  249. Obama Says no to NASCAR...
  250. Government causes symptoms, then provides a tax-payer funded "cure"