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Bent valves and wiped cam?

I am posting this here, since the bulk of the engine experts are in this forum. And this a question about engines mostly!!

Any one know anything about the 2010 Jeep Liberty V-6 engines? Specifically!!!

Trying to figure what the rest of the story is. What started out as a head gasket job (coolant leak which alone seems nuts for a rig with no other leak and under 100 thousand miles), a week after the head gasket job was done by an engine shop, it ended up with 2 bent valves and 2 wiped lobes on the Cam shaft with no other possible cause or casualty than the timing chain adjusters being weak (or not adjusted well enough/properly, when the head was pulled?) and a week after doing the head gaskets they later replaced /repaired it with the 2 new valves and a good (they claim) used Cam shaft, and two new timing chain tensioners. It was done at an engine rebuilding firm...

<100,000 miles on the rig. They claim there was no piston damage. Yah, riiiight...I think they screwed up the head gasket job (and valve job they did while the head was off, that probably was not needed???), but how the hell do two valve stems get bent with out hitting and damaging the piston(s)?????

Still has a random misfire, but no CEL light now, and a miss at idle once it warms up (Runs fine on a cold start) and misses at 4000 rpm in park.

None of this makes any sense at all to me!!!! Pretty sure I am not getting the truth, or the whole story. My sons jeep, has 2-3 weeks of warranty left

I posted this on one lonely thread in the new liberty section, but like I said, most of the engine experts are here.
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