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Re: XJ battery strap from neg post to chassis?

Originally Posted by wgregt View Post
I've been having issues with a lot of electrical stuff on my XJ: windows barely move up or down, door lock switch doesn't lock or unlock anything, painfully slow wipers on both ends, blinkers don't blink all the time, cruise control and headlights work when they feel like it, etc.

Took it to the shop today and they suggest a battery as a starting point (OK. Got 4-5 years on this one) and said I was "missing the grounding strap from the neg battery side to the chassis."

I've had this XJ since new in 88. It's NEVER had a "grounding strap." Huh? Does this help electrical issues? Was it supposed to be OEM? Legit claim?

There should be a ground from the battery to the block and a somewhat flimsy strap from the back of the head off one of the head bolts to the firewall. That strap tends to fall apart over time and cause the symptoms you describe. I would suggest adding another strap from the battery to the fender or firewall. Also have a look at Cruiser54s writeup for the ground point under the dash as well.

For the headlights, consider installing a few relays driven by the headlight switch. The oem headlight wiring and the switch were under-designed and drops a fair amount of voltage even when it works. The upgrade will help the stock headlights and are needed if you want to go brighter. A set of drop in autopal e-code housings from eBay for $30 will also help immensely. I run napa house brand 55/100 H4 bulbs in mine and have great long distance deer spotting highbeams, and low beams with a great cutoff that don't blind oncoming drivers.
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