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Re: Pre-Production Sneak Peak at Boostwerks Comp Mount

I wrapped things up enough to make the winch functional. My neighbor offered to help me spool up the cable when I was ready. So I called him over to give me a hand. His first words were, "where is the fairlead?" Winning!

Since I was going to use the steel cable I needed to swap out the BWE UHMW fairlead with the Warn cast iron fairlead. One problem, it didn't fit. It overlapped onto the lower winch mounting bolts. I was going to trace the UHMW fairlead onto the cast but then realized I wouldn't be able to machine it smooth enough to look right. Then I thought about only removing the material that was in the way. Used my drill press and an end mill to plunge cut the clearance needed. Since you cant really use a drill press to mill, that was my only option. The cut side was facing down and it also acts as a stop keeping the winch mounting bolts in.

Then I mounted the bumper back on and made two vertical cuts to straighten out the bow. It worked as the cuts allowed it to naturally settle back out. Then I welded the cuts and it bowed again but not as bad. I can live with it. Also welded on a couple of hinges to mount the license plate. Was going to buy friction hinges but the hinges I used were just laying around. A couple of wacks with a hammer and it has plenty of friction to stay where I put it. I also measured where the clutch lever would come through. Found the vertical center line by eye and marked it. Then measured from the front of the original header panel to the center of my extension inserted into the free spool adapter. Exactly 3". Used same method to drill through the top of the bumper and nailed it.

Was going to make the free spool handle permanent but I like it a little cleaner. My helpful neighbor suggested I make two handles in case I lose one. Can't beat the wisdom of an old school Jeeper. Oh, I meant to not have that warn flag hanging there but the rain was coming down pretty good and I didn't want to keep my neighbor standing in the rain. It's coming off. Plus there is a hole in the bumper bracing I can attach the hook to making it more hidden. Future plans is to put a safety thimble on it anyway making it more hidden.
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