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starter went out, fixed it, now starter doesnt get a signal?? HELP!!

i have a 1993 sport with a manual, 4.0 and thats about it, when i bought it, i knew the starter was on its way out, and i had one laying around, when it did die, i went and switched them out (after testing the new one and it was good), after this my new starter isnt even getting a signal, i tested it with thouroly and found that the green sigbal wire doesnt have any power now, the only hing i can think of is that when i was changing starters, i unbolted the old one from the car before removing the electrical wires, so i had to hang it from the wires for a few moments, so naturally i looked at all my wires expecting to find the signal wire to be the shortest and that i pulled it out of its other end, but this wire had the most slack! so i now have no clue as to whats wrong, my only thought is that the starter simotaneously went out with the ignition switch (what are the ods of that???). any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated. thanks, jordan
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