View Full Version : Trask trip

May 24th, 2004, 16:13
Gonna head out through Carlton on Wednesday and hit some of the local trails! Stock vehicals VERY welcome. My jeep is 2WD right now so my plan is to see how far I can go with a heavy right foot. Going up there with my buddy in a fairly stock YJ and another buddy in a bone stock Taco. If you want to push the limits of your stocker come join us! If you have a rig more built than all of us then I will challenge you to go places I cant and I will watch and learn, anyways should be great fun as usual if we have any interest we will bring a BBQ and do some hamburgers or ribs or something. I wouldnt plan on driving more than 30 minutes or so out of your way to join us but if your local feel free!

May 27th, 2004, 15:23
DANGGGGG you guys missed out on some fun! We arnt really rednecks but maybe we are, there are some new movies on the web page of yesterday, check them out! Only lost a hubcap my alternator, bumper cap, e-brake cable, smashed trans cooler lines, and smashed up both rocker panels what a day! BUT on the bright side I get paid tomorrow and I just got a tax-return check, time to go buy those deaver leaves to match the coils I just bought!