View Full Version : Rust Repair/ body mods help

October 31st, 2017, 13:43
Ill try to upload pics when I get home but here is what im dealing with.
1999 2 Door Cherokee
built rock rails in place of the rocker panels.
I want to do the cut n fold, buut instead of folding whats left of the rusty metal. I want to cut it off and make a plate to go in there. Has anyone done this instead? and if so, how heavy of a steel did you use?

the other issue I have is the door hinge pins are worn (again) the bottom hinge is ovaled out, and I have the typical cracks around the vent in the door frame. I want to get the braces that weld in, and figure since im doing one, I might as well do the one to brace the hinges also.
Could I drill the ovaled out hole back to round, and size up a bronze bushing to go in the whole and use a bolt or pin to keep the door where it needs to be?