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October 23rd, 2017, 07:14

So I went to a junkyard on Saturday and picked up some leaf springs they had sitting around. They said Dakota on them and came with shackles. They are a 4 leaf pack w/o an overload leaf. My question is anyone that has used Dakota leaf springs for a bastard pack which leaf order did you use and what did they net you?

October 23rd, 2017, 07:25
I don't know what year or if it was 2wd or 4wd btw

Green XJ Jeep
October 23rd, 2017, 07:55
Most times they do the same as a s10 pack cut the eyes off and replace everything below the main leaf with the donor springs.
It will take trial and error and mixing and matching to get your desired result.
this might help some

October 23rd, 2017, 17:10
I always doubled XJ leaves myself. Using the main leaf sans eyes, with a second top leaf (six leaves) nets me about three inches but it sagged a bit after a few years. It also fits most stock u bolts in my experience. The flex is alright. Doubling packs (eight leaves) requires a bolt kit ($20 for the 8.25) and nets about four and a half inches, but doesn't flex well, and sags when loaded for a week of camping. Rides like a tank when empty. I dismantled that pack after a couple of months to build something else, so I can't testify to the longevity of that setup.

I was given a set of 67-72 C10 spring packs. I cut the eyes off, utilized the main leaf and top leaf for a total of six, and netted six inches with a three hundred pound tool box in the back. The bottom leaf was added to another set along with a second XJ main leaf under another truck (six leaves) to net four inches. I have yet to drive either of these setups.

Overloads were donated to a friend's son for blacksmithing. I guess you could cut them down for blocks.

Cut the eyes off, match the main leaf to the length of yours, and use the top leaf for about three inches. It'll ride, flex well, and handle a load well enough. Add a third leaf for 3.5, and the fourth for around four. Donate the overloads to some kid who does metal work, they love that shit.