View Full Version : 99 Cherokee rebuild

October 22nd, 2017, 10:57
Hello Iím kind of new to the Cherokee thing, not new to wheeling. Had a 69 Bronco for 30 years that was locked up front & rear with 4.88s & long arms up front. But had to sell it & my 03 F350 6blow in 14 to get a newer 13 F350 so that being said I inherited a 99 Cherokee that both my boys had as their first vehicle on last 2 years of high school that I picked up from police auction it was parks rig. I put 4Ē lift 33Ē tires, 3.73s & built a cage & bumpers for them. Now that itís mine this is what I have for it Iím welding in 1/8Ē center uni body support, steering box support & behind bumper supports, 6Ē rubicon expresse coils , rugged ridge long arm & tie rod, lockers for front & rear, 4.88s , 35Ē tires, high flow water pump, new rear main seal & high flow oil pump. Is there something Iím missing? Do I need to weld in support for all of the uni body or is the center & bumpers good? This is not going be rock crawler, itís going to be a trail/hunt rig. Sorry so long. Thank You

October 23rd, 2017, 10:32
Are you making the frame stiffeners or are you buying them? I would go with something a little bit thicker than 1/8". And i would do frame stiffeners from front to back if it were me. What are your plans for lifting the rear? Seems like a good start so far and should be pretty capable when done.

October 23rd, 2017, 17:06
Iím making them myself & I ended up going with 10 gage, I got a good deal on the sheet. I just finished welding in the center section today. On the rear I have Rustyís 4.5 leaf springs & 2.5 shackles. Iím going to try & post some pics later.