View Full Version : Whooshing/clicking noise in driveline (not u joints)

September 10th, 2017, 18:09
Hey guys - new to this forum and am at a loss for things to check at this point. I recently lifted my 2000 cherokee and rebuilt the transfer case (np231) with SYE and a new double cardon drive shaft and when accelerating, mostly when everything is cold, i get a whooshing/clickong noise coming from the rear half of the vehicle and am having a hard time determining where the noise is coming from and dont want to pull the tcase again if my problem is diff related. Im posting s video soon. Up on jack stands i can spin the rear shaft and wheels and hear no noises. Any advice would be great. Stay tuned for a link to the video on youtube.

September 10th, 2017, 19:31
Video here https://youtu.be/bezNtuB9fvQ

September 10th, 2017, 19:59
Looks to me like you need more angle on your pinion and maybe that's what's causing the noise

What's up with that exhaust ?? looks like it's pointing up at the fuel tank ?? Would think you'd want it pointing down.


September 10th, 2017, 20:25
Definitely need to fix the rear angle and the exhaust !! What SYE kit did you use? Why does the driveshaft look new "forward of the rear yoke"?
How much lift did you do? I don't see any rear bump stops either?