View Full Version : Prep and paint LeBaron vents

May 20th, 2013, 09:28
Got a set of LeBaron vents on the way. They will need attention before installing them.

I figure to do it all rattle can and haven't decided yet on going black (flat or satin) or trying to color match the Jeep's silver exterior.

I haven't gotten the vents yet, but I suspect they are fiberglass.

What is the best steps and products to sand them down.

Same with prep and paint. Any specific paints work better than others?

Paint and prep is nothing I've ever done before, so I want to learn.

May 24th, 2013, 10:37
Dirk, I believe LeBaron vents are unpainted plastic.. no?

I'd probably just use a 3M scotch brite pad to prep the surface and follow with some primer and paint of your choice.

May 25th, 2013, 07:39
Nope, fiberglass. I sanded down using 280 grit only on the chips. I decided to wipe it with acetone, prime, paint, and lacquer.

November 13th, 2013, 09:48
I did not know they were fiberglass, thought they were plastic. I cleaned then with acetone, sanded lightly, cleaned again with acetone and painted with Krylon flat black plastic paint. Has held up for over 5 years, no fading or peeling.

November 13th, 2013, 14:03
I sanded them and thry are fiberglass. I painted my set bedliner.