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Gold Cobra
May 3rd, 2012, 16:58
I'll be posting up the raffle donations in this thread. Thanks in advance to all the companies who help make this raffle happen.

Support those who support us!

Gold Cobra
May 3rd, 2012, 17:16

C-ROK has sent us a Steering Box Reinforcement kit. A very stout kit that includes both inner and outer plates to keep your steering box where it should be.


C-ROK makes well engineered products designed for the XJ. Armor, bumpers, cage kits, and more.

www.c-rok.com (http://www.c-rok.com)

Thank you C-ROK!

Gold Cobra
May 5th, 2012, 16:53

Quadratec has sent us a set of their Ultimate all-weather front floor liners. These floor liners are heavy duty and come with a lifetime warranty. If you've never been to their site you should check it out, Quadratec carries an insane amount of Jeep products and even has an XJ specific catalog.


Thank you Quadratec!

www.quadratec.com (http://www.quadratec.com)

Gold Cobra
May 5th, 2012, 17:18

Master-Pull sent us a $100 gift certificate good for any of their products. Master Pull is the leader in synthetic rope. They also offer a full line accessories and Kinetic Recovery Ropes.


Thank you Master-Pull!

www.masterpull.com (http://www.masterpull.com)

Gold Cobra
May 11th, 2012, 19:38
Buck Knifes

Buck Knifes sent us out one of their Travelmate Kits. The Travelmate is a small portable kit for preparing and eating food. Made in the USA. Buck has been making blades for 100 years and stands behind all their products "4-Ever".


Thank you Buck!

Gold Cobra
May 11th, 2012, 19:43

Lightforce Performance Lighting has graciously sent us a pair of their Lance 140 Driving lights. Lightforce has a strong reputation for building some nearly indestructible off road lights. The 140's offer a lot of performance in a small package. Add one of the many custom filters to the lights, and they can be tuned to your exact need.


Thank you Lightforce!!

Gold Cobra
May 11th, 2012, 19:59
Clayton Off Road Manufacturing

Clayton sent us one of their Pro Series 3 link front kits. Featuring johnny joints at both ends, a three piece crossmember for easy access to the transmission, and a 1/4 unibody brace for strength. Clayton has been building long-arm kits for Jeeps since 2001, and has kits for the XJ, ZJ, WJ, TJ, LJ, and JK. They also have a full line of XJ suspension products including a rear coil conversion and builder parts.



Thank you Clayton!

Gold Cobra
May 11th, 2012, 20:45
Dirtbound Offroad

:NAXJA: Vendor, Dirt Bound Offroad has sent usa certificate for one rear cargo storage rack. Keeping your cargo secured both on and off road is extremely important. This rear cargo shelf would be a great way to take care of that safety concern, and help organize your cargo area.



Thank you Dirtbound Offroad!

Gold Cobra
May 11th, 2012, 20:48
HD Offroad Engineering

HD Engineering sent us 2 $25 gift certificates good to use toward any of their products. HD Engineering has established a great reputation for making quality products to solve some of the common issues with our XJ's. Check out their "Shackle Relocation Brackets," "Unibody Stiffeners," and "Roof Sliders."


Thank you HD Offroad Engineering!
www.hdoffroadengineering.com (http://www.hdoffroadengineering.com/)

Gold Cobra
May 11th, 2012, 21:01
JCR Offroad

JCR Offroad has sent us a $100 gift certificate good for any of their products. JCR offers some of the toughest armor available for the Cherokee. Bumpers, sliders, guards, skid plates, racks, steering, and more.



Thank you JCR Offroad!!

Gold Cobra
May 11th, 2012, 21:32
So-Cal Offroad

So-Cal Offroad sent us a certificate good for a Rampage Products Grip Track. This is a traction device that is placed under a tire for grip. I could see this working well during the winter snow wheeling season.



Thank you So-Cal Offroad!

Gold Cobra
May 31st, 2012, 19:00

Firestik sent us four of their FireFly CB antennas. The Firestik name is synonymous with quality and performance. Firestik carries a wide range of antennas and CB accessories.



Thank you Firestik!!

Gold Cobra
May 31st, 2012, 19:45

MileMarker sent us out one of their 30' 30,000# recovery straps. This thing is stout, and I can see this holding up to years of abuse here in the Northwest. Mile Marker designs and manufactures unique, high quality and highly durable products for your off-road vehicle. Their products include locking hubs, conversion kits, electric winches and their legendary hydraulic winch system.


www.milemarker.com (http://www.milemarker.com)

Thank you MileMarker!!

Gold Cobra
May 31st, 2012, 20:46
AGR Performance

AGR Performance sent us gift certificates than can be applied toward the purchase of several of their products. AGR Performance is a leading manufacturer of performance steering products designed for the racing enthusiast, muscle car owner, military vehicles, street rod owners, and off-road sportsmen.



Thank you AGR Performance!

Gold Cobra
May 31st, 2012, 21:03

ARB sent us a gift certificate good for 25% off any item they offer. ARB is Australia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of 4x4 accessories. Their products hold up to their philosophy; quality, reliability and practicality above all else.



Thank you ARB!!

Gold Cobra
May 31st, 2012, 21:21

RCV Off-Road Performance Products has given us 2 gift certificates good for $100 towards any of their products. RCV makes some of and toughest, and coolest axle shafts on the market.



Thank you RCV!!

Gold Cobra
May 31st, 2012, 21:41
Warn Industries

Warn Industries sent us one of their Winch Accessory Kits, come with everything you would need to recover yourself or someone else, properly and safely. Warn manufactures more than 600 products and accessories for Automotive, Powersports, Industrial and commercial users. From self recovery winches and mounting systems to wheel end and driveline disconnects, Warn customers have chosen WARN products for their durability, reliability and dependability.



Thank you Warn!

Gold Cobra
May 31st, 2012, 21:50

Flowmaster sent us a few hats and shirts. Flowmaster's product line includes exhaust products for Performance Street, Muscle Cars, Trucks, Street Rods, RV's, Motorhomes, and all types of race applications.


Thank you Flowmaster!!

Gold Cobra
June 1st, 2012, 18:50
ASR Offroad

ASR Offroad will be attending our event. With them they're bringing 2 7/8"x20' Kinetic Recovery Ropes, and a $25 gift certificate. ASR Offroad specializes in recovery equipment for the 4x4 and Off-Road industry. ASR Offroad focuses on bringing you the highest quality recovery gear available. If you're into Jeeps, Toyotas, or Land Rovers - or if you prefer Warn, Superwinch, or Mile Marker, they have the standard products you need, or we they customize any of their products to satisfy your exact requirements.



Thank you ASR!!

Gold Cobra
June 12th, 2012, 20:04
Rock Auto

Rock Auto sent us a $25 gift certificate. Rock Auto is the source for auto parts. Their catolgue covers everything you could possibly own, and odds are you can buy the same part from Rock Auto for less than you could at your local parts store.

http://i750.photobucket.com/albums/xx145/goblazers_6/1012chp_86_o2010_chevy_high_performance_holiday_bu yers_guiderock_auto.jpg


Thank you Rock Auto!!

Gold Cobra
June 12th, 2012, 20:13

Teraflex sent us a gift certificate good for a free set of their sway bar disconnects, a few hats, and a bunch of keychains. Teraflex has been in innovator in the Jeep community since 1996, and offers everything from 4:1 kits to budget boosts to aftermarket axles.



Thank you Teraflex!!

Gold Cobra
June 12th, 2012, 21:18
Factor 55

Factor55 sent us one of their ProLink winch cable shackle mounts. Engineered and machined in the USA from lightweight billet 6061 aluminum, the ProLink provides a safe means to easily attach a standard 3/4" screw pin shackle to existing winch cable and rope eyes.



Thank you Factor55!!

Gold Cobra
June 12th, 2012, 22:26
BDS Suspension and
Gresham 4 Wheel Drive

BDS Suspension and Gresham 4 Wheel Drive sent us a BDS 4-link Long-Arm Upgrade kit. BDS Suspension is out to provide their customers with the best suspension experience possible, and part of that is their no questions asked warranty. If you are the original purchaser, and one of their products fails, they will replace it. Gresham 4-wheel Drive (Don, specifically) is the BDS dealer for the NorthWest. If you need any parts or work done, give Don a call.





Thank you Gresham 4 Wheel Drive and BDS Suspension!

Gold Cobra
June 12th, 2012, 23:19

AIRAID sent us out a gift certificate good for one free Intake system for your XJ, and a gift certicate good for one free throttle body spacer. They also sent out a ton of stickers and koozies! AIRAID is the leader in air management for gas and diesel applications. They offer products for whatever you drive, whether it's your toy, your tow rig, or your daily driver, they've got you covered.



Thank you AIRAID!!

Gold Cobra
June 12th, 2012, 23:34
Ironman 4x4

Ironman 4x4 sent us out 2 of their 1.25" tie rods with ends. One in CRS and one in aluminum. Ironman 4x4 is known for their control arms but also offers motor mounts, long-arm kits, shackles, builder parts and more.



Thank you Ironman!!

Gold Cobra
June 12th, 2012, 23:42
Prime 4x4

Prime 4x4 is sending us out 5 sets of their military battery terminals. Prime 4x4 is a family owned and operated company. They use what they sell, and build their products using only quality components. Everything they sell is tested and proven in the real world.



Thank you Prime 4x4!!

Gold Cobra
June 16th, 2012, 18:02
Raceline Beadlocks

Raceline has graciously given us a gift certificate good for buy two get two free! Cutting the cost of a set of four in half! Raceline makes some killer beadlocks. Form and function. It's going to be pretty hard to keep the breezies away when they see you rollin' on a set of Racelines, bling bling baby.



Thank you Raceline!!

Gold Cobra
June 16th, 2012, 18:17

Jeeptubes sent us out a gift certificate good for $50 off any of their products. Jeeptubes was started to provide the do-it-yourself home fabricator with bent tubing for that project that might not otherwise be possible without it. If you've never been to their site you should really check it out, they're on facebook too.



Thank you Jeeptubes!

Gold Cobra
June 16th, 2012, 18:29
Pit Bull Tires

Pit Bull Tires sent us 25 gift certificates good for 10% of MSRP. If you're picking up a set of four of five, that amounts up to a huge savings. Pit Bull makes tires that are as aggressive as the name sounds. They specialize in hardcore offroad tires. Radial and bias ply, with sizes ranging from 31" to 47", they have something for you.



Thank you Pit Bull Tires!!

Gold Cobra
June 16th, 2012, 18:40
Drive Offroad

Drive Offroad sent us out two $75 gift certificates that can be used on their site. Drive Offroad has an incredible amount of Jeep products on their site, OE replacement parts to the coolest aftermarket items they have it all. Take a look at their site and get yourself a free catalog.



Thank you Drive Offroad!!

Gold Cobra
June 18th, 2012, 11:53

Petzel sent us out one of their Tikka XP headlamps. The TIKKA XP 2 headlamp integrates two light sources as well as a Wide Angle lens with a simple open-close feature, allowing the user to choose between a long distance focused beam and flood beam proximity lighting. This headlamp is equipped with a white high-output LED and a red LED. The white LED delivers 80 lumens in maximum mode and lights up to 68 meters. In economic mode, it can reach a burn-time of 190 hours.



Thank you PETZL!

Gold Cobra
June 24th, 2012, 22:59
Thanks again to all of our sponsors who donated prizes to our event for our raffle. Thanks to the generous donations of our sponsors and the giant wallets of our members and guests, the chapter raised $1276 in the raffle. That money goes directly towards the various land use donations the chapter makes.

If you won a prize be sure and thank that sponsor!

(pic stolen from NW-ZJ-SCOTT, thanks Scott)