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April 19th, 2010, 15:47
Ok, this time the zj is REALLY for sale. We are going to be moving back to texas soon and there really isnt any need for this thing down there. I dont really feel like driving 4+ hours and having to pay to go wheeling and camping, so it shall go byby. Asking $5500 OBO, but willing to neg. due to some of its "used" issues. If interested, lets talk, im willing to wheel and deal ;) Title in hand

98 Grand Cherokee Limited 5.2 Auto
pwr wind/locks/seats/mirrors
Red Top battery
Radiator support brace
CB radio / antenna
5 35x15 BFG M/T with decent to goood tread still left
RE 4.5" LA kit w/ 1-3/4" coil spacers
lp30 / d44a = 3.73
Alloy USA front shafts
trimmed fenders (front & rear)
It is a wheeler and not really a dayly driver. It CAN be, but it really isnt.
The bad:
*Rear bumper is no longer living and can not be put on...but a "custom build one" can be.
*Front bumper is not on, but i still have it.
*The TRE on the pitman arm needs to be replaced (i have a new napa one, just havent put it on yet)
*The TRE's on the Tie Rod could be replaced (I have a brand new IRO heavy duty tie rod w/ TRE's i will throw in if the price is right.
*The muffler fell off and dinged the rear drive shaft a little (it vibrates a little, but i have a spare rear drive shaft and 2 u-joints for it that will come with)
*The UCA & LCA on the frame side have been welded together, so if you choose to change the suspension, they will have to be cut off.
*There is a funny squeaking noise from the back when you first take off, but goes away...we have mice at our house so i think that is it...:P
Spare parts that will go with:
high lift jack
set of d30 shafts
set of d44a shafts
2 d30 unit bearings
misc. parts that i can find
Extra parts that i might add if the price is right, if not, then they will go seperately:
D30 Aussie locker w/ 3.73+ carrier = $200
Brand new D30 Rock Crusher diff cover =$80
Yukon LP30 4.56 = $50